..... a place where the creative energy and the vibrancy of South Africa come alive in an old authentic fish factory in a working harbour .... where people of all ages and cultures gather alongside one another to celebrate our unique festive spirit .... where the hustle and bustle of a boisterous market fills the air ...... where local traders exchange banter with customers .... “that’s a bargain, fo sho, medam! ” ... an eclectic stylish wonderland of exquisite art, craft and fashion .... complemented by the delicious aromas of food to tempt all the senses...braaing fish, freshly baked breads and citrus fruits ... you pass a robotic mime drawing gasps from giggling kids ... the sound of a township guitarist and a groovy sax ...... punctuated by singing seagulls .... where the beauty of famous
Chapman’s Peak looms overhead .......... and the vibe is just sommer lekker!
We’re open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the best happy shopping in Cape Town! Join us every weekend for top quality muso's and groovy tunes - live and unplugged! For more information on our sizzling line-up for the month, follow us on social media or sign up for our free newsletter.
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