How long have you traded at the market?
We have been trading for 3 years at the market.
What makes you different?
What makes us different is that we are a family owned business, started in Jeffrey's bay 40 years ago. Our quality is better than international competitors and local is lekker! We really do pride ourselves in the longevity of our flagship product the sheepskin Ugg boot. We have some customers who have had their boots for over 20 years, that certainly makes us different.
What’s new at In-Step this summer?
We have awesome new leather sandles, and we are giving away a pair this week!
Who is on your team?
On our team is myself and Sabrina who is our star seller.Matt Davis is a regular on our team too,
What do you love most about Hout Bay?
I love the diversity most about Hout Bay.
Tell us about your production process and keepin' it local.
Secret :)
Do you have a great gift suggestion from In-Step?
Lovely sheepskin slippers for family or elders overseas and of course our boots, leather sandals and flip-flops are always a win!

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