Pedro's Bitchin Polarised Eyewear!
How you long ya bin trading at Bay Harbour?
3 years @ Bay Harbour! YAY!
What's trending at Pedro Polarised eyewear?
Fresh stuff! Pedro Wood (Wooden iPhone cases and Samsung cases) handcrafted luggage / wallets / belts / leather phone covers  & wooden sunnies are my HUGE hits with the locals and tourists alike. People love them for their value, quality designs and craftsmanship.
What do you love about Hout Bay?
The coastal drive to the market is the best in the Cape, we are spoilt!
Who is the most interesting person you have met at Bay Harbour?
There are so many amazing characters, traders and guests. There are too many to mention but I love the fact people keep coming back every weekend, summer and winter!
We've spotted your sunnies being worn at all the festivals , what's your favourite festival?
Daisies and Afrika Burn always a blast!

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