Monthly Archives: September 2018


New Summertime Beachwear for Fun-Lovers


Now that the harsh frost of winter is on its way out, it’s time for a totally different kind of chill. Everybody loves looking fresh during the summertime, so why not add a splash of fun to your beachwear. Chill Winstan, a funky addition to [...]

New Summertime Beachwear for Fun-Lovers2018-09-19T14:57:08+00:00

World Cleanup Day – Uniting to Make Our Planet Trash Free


On the 15th of September, Bay Harbour Market will take part in World Cleanup Day, where millions of volunteers from around the world will embark on one of the largest civic projects the world has ever seen. World Cleanup Day brings like-minded people together to make [...]

World Cleanup Day – Uniting to Make Our Planet Trash Free2018-09-11T14:08:42+00:00
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