Blue Smoke BBQ SA is a food services provider that I created to introduce my fellow South Africans who share an interest in open fire cooking or cooking in general to the American food culture of Smoking, or as some in the States would call it “true BBQ”.

I developed a deep passion for this style of cooking after being exposed to it through my work with Big Green Egg and haven’t stopped since. I have had the privilege of being around and working with some of SA’s biggest names in open fire cooking as well as becoming a pioneer of “true BBQ” in South Africa. Over the years I have now built up a formidable reputation as a Pitmaster and have used this to launch Blue Smoke BBQ SA and Ol Joe’s Corner Open Facebook Group.

Since educating is part of my ethos I try and bring across our responsibility toward our environment and the treatment of the livestock/produce that we use. Our aim is to open our guests/clients/friends eyes to BBQ culture in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This ranges from the cuts of meat we use, why and where we source our produce from, to the use of All Natural Lump Charcoal over other types that in their production promote deforestation in Africa. At our events we do not use single use plastic and opt to rather use biodegradable serve-ware. We support other local small businesses like auntie Poppy, a local Woodstock hawker who supplies us with our vetkoek as well others like That Food and My Butchers Block that compliment and echo our message.