The Market’s ideal of “Local is Lekker” finds perfect solace in Bokke & Blomme, a business quite literally inspired by words.

Janet Ormond’s beautifully-rendered colourful text carvings, in a variety of fonts, are perfect for every mood and environment. Patriotic South Africans find colloquial slang a particular darling, with “Howzit” being a favourite for entrance halls and bar walls alike.

Whether “Dream” finds a place above your bed, or “Yummy” adjacent to the fridge, all and sundry will have a perfect setting to incorporate the written word into daily life.

Both functional and fun, Bokke & Blomme can also do custom designs to order.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BokkeandBlomme

Website: http://www.bokkeandblomme.co.za