After years spent as colleagues in the hospitality industry, our dream of what would eventually become The Doghouse was born.

At The Doghouse, we attempt to take an everyday meal we have all loved and enjoyed and add our own twist to create something uniquely beautiful.

All our ingredients are either crafted in-house, or sourced from local suppliers to ensure the highest quality possible, all towards retaining our aim of providing our clientele with a delicious, handcrafted, affordable product.

Being a relatively new endeavour, we are constantly experimenting with new flavour profiles and our dogs are developing day by day and surpassing that amazing product we had envisioned all those months ago.

Watch this space as we gear up to launch an entirely new exciting menu with never before seen gourmet dogs, out of this world sides, kiddies focused meals as well as vegetarian options.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far in achieving our dreams, and we promise to continue to grow and develop an already amazing product for all to enjoy.