Eco-Punk Kids Clothing is a Cape Town brand offering comfortable, easy-to-wear and stylish clothing forkids who love to imagine, share, explore, DREAM, grow and love!

Eco-Punk Kid’s Clothing was founded in 2010 in Cape Town.  After designing for one of South Africa’s biggest kid’s brand, Anke decided to take the plunge and start her own kid’s brand and Eco-Punk Kids was born!

We are passionate about keeping our manufacturing locally in Cape Town, as we believe in self empowerment and job creation.  Every Eco-Punk Kid’s item travels through 20 people’s hands all over Cape Town, to give our customers a high quality finished product.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality, either cotton, rayon and viscose, which wash well and wear well, and still look good after the child has grown out of the item.  We believe in longevity and good quality and in hand-me-downs!



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