The story of Bay Harbour Market started in 2010 with two strangers, Paul Rutzen and Anthony Stroebel, and their coincidental visit to the old Sea Harvest fish factory in Hangberg. Says Anthony, “We discovered the building as a result of a chance meeting between the two of us…..the universe at work…..and immediately sensed the unique energy of the place….and realised that it served as a perfect platform from which to begin to uplift the area, uplift the community…and in the process celebrate the vibrancy and creativity that is so unique to SA, Cape Town and, indeed, Hout Bay”.

The magic unfolds from there.


anthony stroebel

Meet Anthony Stroebel, co-­founder of Bay Harbour Market

Who are you?

A husband, a father, a friend and a dreamer

What’s your favourite place to chill in Cape Town?

The beach … any beach

What’s your favourite place to hang out in South Africa?

Plett….it’s where I grew up!

What’s the best country you have visited, and why?

There are many, but I have a special love for Mozambique … there’s an authenticity there

What inspires you?

People’s creativity…. and music

Why did you start Bay Harbour Market?

To celebrate the culture and creativity of our great city and country… and to inspire hope and change in Hout Bay…and to have fun!

Where do you see Bay Harbour Market in 5 years?

Internationally recognised ­ and a hub for social and economic change in the area

What drives you?

The opportunity to create…and make people smile in the process

What are you reading at the moment?

Naomi Klein – This changes everything

What’s your favourite South African wine?

I don’t drink alcohol

Who inspires you?

My wife and my children

What’s the one thing that running a market (like this) has taught you?

You’ve got to keep moving!

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