Often called the heart of Cape Town, Hout Bay with its stunning landscapes, picturesque Chapman’s Peak Drive, and the blue Atlantic Ocean it breeds peace and creativity. It’s no wonder that the quaint seaside resort has cultivated a thriving art scene. And, a short trip to Hout Bay is all the proof you need. Here are our must-visit destinations for art lovers looking to invest in local work or just admire the sheer talent on offer.

Hout Bay Gallery

Established in 1984, Hout Bay Gallery is known for its friendly and energetic atmosphere and specialises in paintings and sculptures by South African artists. Local artists like Lorraine Van Wyk, Sarah Danes Jarrett, Tshidzo Mangena, Helder Batista and Anton Brink plus many more have made a home for themselves on the walls of this gallery, attracting local and overseas clients.

71 Victoria Ave

021 790 3618


Ghuba Gallery

Founded in 2007 by Nel Luyendyk, Ghuba Gallery showcases paintings and sculptures that are solely designed and made by African artists. Nel has always been fascinated by the art of Africa, which she says reflects generosity and clarity of heart and inspired her own work. Alongside her own work, you will also find other artists that inspire her in the gallery. They all work on a high and unique level and know how to attract the eye to the beauty of African art. The gallery is set to reopen on 1 November.

73 Victoria Ave

072 242 3140


Osner Private Gallery

This Exclusive art gallery is dedicated to showcasing father and daughter, Martin and Samantha Osner’s private photography print collections. The creative space has been designed as a destination gallery, away from the busy city to allow visitors to browse and absorb the art. With viewing by appointment only, Martin and Samantha are always on hand to meet with you personally and take you through each work on show.

14 Luisa Way, Hout Bay

021 790 6494


Red Room

Founded in 2012, Red Room gallery’s vision is to unite contemporary African artists, collating and displaying their unique work to the international art market and collector. At the gallery, you’ll find art on show that is anything but the clichéd generic trinkets, but alluring representations of the realities of African people. Reopening in November, there will be a new summer show in the beginning of December, perfect timing for the festive holidays.

62 Mount Rhodes Drive

071 602 1908


Harvest Centre

Located just behind the Bay Harbour Market, Harvest Centre nurtures small businesses and artists. This creative hub for Hout Bay serves both as a skills training opportunity and a springboard for small SMEs including plenty of art. Such as the Sembach Contemporary Fine Art Gallery showcases world-class “Africanesque” fine art and sculpture created by a diverse creative collective, from emerging youths, to seasoned professionals – most of whom are local to Hout Bay, the Intle Art Youth Project enabling aspiring and disadvantaged young artists in Hout Bay to develop artistic and entrepreneurial skills by producing art for sale, Whossoxs Gallery and Soul Gallery. Also, the Harvest Centre is home to brothers Mambakwedza and Chenjerai Mutasa who make art from scrap metal like flash plates, bicycle chains, old radiators, brake shoes, exhaust pipes and whatever other junk they can find on their adventures in the scrap yard.

Hout Bay Harbour

083 3921 3475


Bay Harbour Market

The vibrant market is home to a flurry of craft stalls, food and drinks as well as live music. It’s also home to two talented artists: Matthew Bell and Ley Mboramwe.

A pencil artist whose subjects include the animals, birds and trees of the Southern African Bushveld, Matthew’s drawings are finely detailed as he looks to capture every inch of his subjects making his style extremely realistic.

Ley is a visual artist and performer, who works in a multidisciplinary manner in contemporary art. His artworks talk about the reality that he has seen on his travels throughout different countries and he draws his inspiration from happiness and amusing scenarios that surround him in everyday life.

You can visit both at the market on Friday from 5pm to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 4pm.

For more information about the traders and what they have to offer, please do visit Bay Harbour Market on https://bayharbour.co.za/ and follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bayharbour , Twitter https://twitter.com/bayharbourmkt and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bayharbourmarket/