Kafui Awoonor is a passionate woman who has embraced all that she is to develop Kafui Naturals. Born in Ghana, Kafui was raised in Amsterdam where she lived until she made her way to Cape Town over six years ago.

Out of necessity, Kafui started making her own beauty products after realising that what was available to her in South African stores contained a lot of chemicals and preservatives. Starting with Shea Butter made in the traditional Ghanaian way that Kafui has known and loved, she went on to mix essential oils into the Butter to form her first body butter.

The natural evolution of other skincare and haircare products that now make up the product line of her eponymous brand align unwaveringly with her philosophy to create an alternative brand that enhances and celebrates the natural beauty of skin and hair.

The Kafui Naturals product line has been under continuous development for over 5 years to be the brand that Kafui has envisioned – a brand completely void of unnecessary chemicals and filled with nature’s bounty.

Kafui makes her products with an awareness that the natural provisions of this rich continent are more than adequate to enhance and take care of the skin and hair of people of colour, and it is her hope that her brand brings this awareness.