Ley is a visual artist and performer, who works in a multidisciplinary manner in contemporary art. His artworks talk about the reality that he has seen on his travels throughout different countries and he draws his inspiration from happiness and amusing scenarios that surround him in everyday life.

Ley doesn’t work directly on canvas, but rather spends a lot of time sketching on paper until he finds the perfect result. He works with a variety of mediums such as coffee, acrylic, oil paint and a variety of others that make his paintings look beautiful. He brings positive energy and creative expression to his art. He combines his artworks with calligraphy in order to achieve his unique style and uses a theme of respect of Human Rights and dignity in the majority of his works.

Ley describes the experience of painting as a dance without music and something that he feels, rather than just does.

Website: http://leymboramwe.withtank.com.