Nava Apparel started as the brainchild of Alwyn du Preez while he was travelling around the world with his modelling career. Realising the lack of quality shoes being sold all over the globe due to mass production and consumerism, so he started drawing and researching the components required for creating a quality product and in fact designing his own style of boot (now known as Warrior Boots). Alwyn set out to creating quality products in South Africa using local leather, materials and labour thereby also creating more jobs in return.

So not only did we end up making beautiful, good quality products with a touch of difference from the norm, but products that would last much longer, can be repaired and maintained rather than thrown away. Thereby being a environmentally conscious brand for a greener future with less wastage.

It was here at the workshop that the word “NAVA” came up. NAVA meaning beautiful.This is something that stuck with Alwyn because this is where he realised that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Thereby we are all NAVA.