Looking for a family-friendly destination to enjoy arts, crafts, food, and drinks during the school holidays? Look no further than Bay Harbour Market. With a new month upon us and a well-deserved break for children, there’s no better time to join us and discover all the ways you can be entertained.

Archie Jakapo offers fun and engaging kiddies puzzles and creative, colorful animal artwork for both kids and parents to enjoy. The puzzles come in a variety of cute and quirky animal shapes, from tortoises and snails to hippos and elephants. Archie’s vibrant paintings of wildlife, such as lions, zebras, and elephants, are also available.

For parents looking for soft, cuddly, and comfortable toys for their kids, Lovelings is the perfect stop. Margrace Masawi hand-knits beautiful cotton baby toys with love and care, including super cute sausage dogs, rabbits, and teddy bears. Additionally, Lovelings offers pretty ballerinas, hand-knitted teddy bears, and adorable fluffy or Scotty dogs.

Three Sisters Pizza Bar offers wood-fired thin-base pizzas cooked to perfection with bubbling cheese and a delicious selection of fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect shareable feast!

Iced Dream serves authentic Italian gelato and sorbets, while Belgian Waffle and Crepes brings the unique taste of Belgium to the market with mouthwatering waffles and crepes. Everything is made to order, so you can watch the creation unfold. The waffles are made according to the original Brussels recipe, light and crispy on the outside and milky smooth on the inside. They can be topped with strawberries and cream, melted Belgian chocolate, honey, bananas, ice cream, homemade Nutella, caramel, and more. Delicious French-style crepes are also available with all of the above toppings.

Join us for this amazing entertainment and mind-blowing taste experience. Don’t miss out – come and experience it for yourself!

Bay Harbour Market is open every Friday between 17:00 – 21:00, and every Saturday to Sunday from 09:30 to 16:00.

For more information, please visit Bay Harbour Market at https://bayharbour.co.za/ and follow Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bayharbour, Twitter https://twitter.com/bayharbourmkt and Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/bayharbourmarket/.