For the past decade, Bohemian styles of Eastern Europe have taken the world by storm with simplistic designs and rustic charm. This craze for all things gypsy is expected to become the ultimate trend this summer, with local boutiques such as Spirit Jewellery bringing in a boho-chic feel which perfectly matches the authentic and friendly atmosphere of Bay Harbour Market.

The boho culture has evolved into a peaceful and natural lifestyle. Earthy elements, organic features and natural tones can all be seen in boho-styled accessories, with Spirit Jewellery finding its unique look through an ocean-inspired quality and stunning finish. The new range will be a playful take on the classic boho-chic aesthetic. From floral earpieces to unconventional necklaces, Spirit Jewellery will give off the bold and lighthearted charm that is so apparent in boho-chic.

Spirit Jewellery’s new boho range is bound to be a dazzling success. With its romantic, exotic feel and the rising popularity of the boho-chic movement, Spirit Jewellery is going to add that extra dash of life that is so adored at Bay Harbour Market.