We believe in simplicity by living in harmony with the natural world. Our intention is to illuminate new pathways for wellbeing, balance and restoration.

Très Nagual is based on nature and the movement in a Medicine Wheel – which is a tool commonly used in ceremonies, teachings and therapies by the native people of North America. Within the Wheel is a representation of the interconnectedness of humans and nature; the microcosm and macrocosm, as cycles and spirals of energy. We see movement in the Medicine Wheel as circular and believe this awareness can teach us how to align with the forces of nature. We produce with respect for the sacredness of the circle, and its nature that restores wholeness.


Très Nagual is a seed of wholeness. We offer holistic products which nurture mind, body and spirit. All our formulations are based on a nutritive-approach to life, skin-care and scent. We see each creation as an interrelated process of physical and spiritual well-being.

Our skin-care range is plant-based all ingredients come from sustainable wild community harvests or are directly sourced by us from farmer co-operatives in Zimbabwe, Malawi & South Africa. We integrate ancient wisdom in our choices of the plants and oils that make up our botanical bars, fragrances, healing balms & oils.

Balance is achieved by being in harmony with the primal energies of nature, as within so without, our products are waypoints on this magical journey.


We create seasonally from the abundance mother nature provides. Our work is based on cyclical awareness, embodying the four directions, as well as Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Earth, Sacred Plants and the four seasons – all of which symbolise dimensions of health and the cycles of life.

We produce by hand, with love from organic, local and biodynamic ingredients. We make sure all our ingredients are produced, harvested and sourced in safe and conscious ways. Our formulations are free of animal products, parabens, preservatives and synthetic additives and are not tested on animals.

Our products are genderless and not restricted to a specific use.

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