Plant Power!

Are you part of the growing movement to plant-based vegan foods? Even if you are not, come down to taste test one of our scrumptious Plant-based Vegan meals, snacks, drinks!

Gourmet Vegan Pies – mash & gravy; the new super popular Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger, served with skinny fries or cheesy garlic wedges. Try our Croissants, Cheese, Custard Tarts, Donuts, Mayo, Protein Smoothies, Kombucha, Plant Milk yogurts and more – It’s All Vegan!

While you visit, stock up on your staple dry goods like our popular Clean Vegan Pea Protein, Oats, Chickpeas, Tofu, Lentils, Chia seeds, Plant Munchies, Date Bars/Balls/Syrups. Many more vegan goods being added weekly, at great prices & provided in planet friendly glass jars & compostable packaging.

Hope to see you soon at Vegan Street Food ZA – Plant Powered by Vegan Protein 

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