WHOOMPH is a new apothecary concept for the markets and looks to capture the incredible rise in interest in Cannabis based medicinal products that are non-Psychoactive.

WHOOMPH has the ability to sell some of the best CBD (Cannabinol) available in South Africa and has been part of the industry for years. The no1 selling CBD brand nationally.

It is run by Anthony Cohen & Nikki Petersen.

Elixinol one of WHOOMPH’s primary brands offered  is based in Colorado U.S.A. and for the past 20 years has have been in the forefront of the Hemp industry worldwide and the leader in driving CBD extraction technologies.

WHOOMPH tests every single batch personally as well as having third party laboratory checks from the most renowned sources in the Industry. This is to ensure we deliver the highest quality extractions, and that our oils are never compromised with any unwarranted micro-organisms or potential pathogens. We go every step to ensure our products are of the highest quality, with our state of the art formulation and research centres that is maned by some of the most well respected, long standing experts in the Industry. From farming techniques, transportation, extraction, formulating, bottling and delivery we ensure the best methods to provide the highest possible standard to our Customers.