If you were to hear someone say Dammit Janet at the market, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming Frank-N-Furter was around the corner shopping for new tights. An assumption that would bring a smile to the owners of the bohemian clothing range, Dammit Janet, which calls Bay Harbour Market home.

The urban dictionary defines the word bohemian as someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love and is free-spirited. It’s this sentiment that inspires the entrepreneurs behind this striking clothing range. “If our range could stand for just one thing, it would be self-expression,” says Janet Dobie. “The ability to choose a garment that says who you are as an individual and that is not mass produced.”

Driven by their passion for textiles, the duo behind this brand have always got their eye on colours and prints as they firmly believe these trends are a direct reflection of society and the mindset of the individuals that represent it at that time.

Herein lies the beauty of the Dammit Janet range – whether you are feeling grounded, or free-spirited, it will always have the perfect little piece for you. So pop in and check out the new winter range of ponchos, kimonos, kaftans and denim jackets.

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