For the last six years Bay Harbour Market has set the benchmark when it comes to the ultimate weekend outing by turning the very idea of a market on it’s head. Subsequently, it’s become a ‘must do’ destination in one of the World’s top voted cities to visit as sited by TripAdvisor. But what’s even more impressive is that for years, Bay Harbour Market has also led the way with its sustainability policies – it holds a three-star accreditation from Thrive and is completely plastic free.

Thrive Hout Bay is the local green advocate and non-profit organisation which, in November 2017, launched it’s For the Good of our Hood campaign. Aligning local establishments with environmental sustainability, the campaign awards restaurants according to a green rating system, with three stars being the top accreditation a venue can receive. Amongst the list of criteria to qualify you will find sending waste for recycling, sending food waste for composting and buying locally or growing your own fresh produce.

“We are very proud of our local community when just a few months after launch, 31 of the 65 restaurants in Hout Bay have already received accreditation,” says Thrive’s Nontsikelelo Martel, “and some restaurants have even gone beyond the call by introducing water-saving measures as well.”

Whilst Bay Harbour Market was one of the first destinations in the area to receive a three-star accreditation, it’s green journey started years ago. Today, walking around the market, it’s evident that the team is passionate about educating the 25 000 strong visitors a month about recycling, and how it’s done. Furthermore, one would imagine that housing 125 traders under one roof would seem like an impossible task with regards to compliance. But it works!

“When we set out to create this awesome market, one of our key concerns was the impact on the local environment and the community surrounding us”, says market co-owner, Anthony Stroebel, “and throughout the years it’s been paramount to us that we have always instilled the same values in all that benefit from the space.”

“This is a mindset going back for years now and as a result, we today, are able to contribute in a huge way to safeguarding our breathtaking surroundings and environment,” he continues. “It makes any market experience so much more authentic when you know measures are in place and every individual is contributing to the greater good.”

Thrive mentors continue to visit the local Hout Bay restaurants and educate entrepreneurs on going green and recycling. In the coming months, they will be launching their map of all the awarded restaurants in Hout Bay, which will be shared with tourism boards and will also be made available electronically via their website and social media platforms.

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