Lumi Bespoke’s creative mind started in 2001 when a little girl waited up until her mother fell asleep. She watched her mother spending endless hours cutting pattern pieces and sewing them up together and being in awe of the results. She begged her mother to please teach her how to sew. Her mother refused and told her that her machine was expensive and she would just break it…

In the middle of the night while her mom was asleep she took her mom’s sewing machine into her bedroom and started on her first ever garment – of-course she was not prepared and had no fabric to sew, so she took apart an old umbrella and used the umbrella fabric to sew together a top which she had to hide away from her mom so decided to gift it to her best friend, who at that age actually wore it. LOL.

Since that day she was hooked and never looked back. She had opened her creative mind and loved the calmness it brought to her . When she left school she was constantly creating all sorts of things, from headpieces to clothes, to home decor while working everyday to earn money in an unsatisfying world. She worked hard and managed to save enough money until the day came that she put her foot down and told herself ‘I want to create, I want to create anything my hands want to create that day’. She gave up her business in property and started her own clothing and festival wear brand callled Lumi Bespoke.

Lumi Bespoke’s garments are designed and made in Cape Town. All of our festival wear items are hand made with lots of love and good music in the background. We love what we do and we hope you do to!

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Instagram : @lumibespoke