SILVAN (Instagram: @silvanct)
SILVAN is a multi-disciplinary brand, specializing in knitwear and art-based products, founded by nature enthusiast Pierre in 2018. Original works of art developed by Pierre are translated into a variety of formats, including artwork prints, greeting cards and textile print. Artistic content celebrates South Africa’s dynamic and rich botanic variety, particularly that of the Cape Floral Kingdom. In addition to art-based products, SILVAN delivers a trans-seasonal range of knitwear, made from a mixture of locally sourced cotton and imported bamboo yarn. SILVAN aims to promote value-driven design, including a commitment to ethical and sustainably-considered production.
In addition to the above product ranges, you can find FEAT sock co.’s colourful and creative sock designs, along with beautifully scented wax tablets stocked at the SILVAN stall:

FEAT SOCK CO. (Instagram: @featsockco)
FEAT. sock co. began in October 2012, when a sock-gifting habit was turned into a business plan. Founded by two friends, Chelsey and Alison, the playful, designer sock brand is for sock lovers and dreamers alike. The aim has always been to create socks that tell a story, taking wearers and viewers on a little adventure. FEAT. is short for ‘feature’, because the founders have always loved socks that stand out as the feature of an outfit, or become a talking point for conversation. FEAT emphasizes a commitment to key principles: quality, comfort, customer service and local production. Since the brand was founded in 2012, all FEAT sock co. production has remained proudly local to Cape Town – and Chelsey intends to keep it this way!

SCENTED WAX TABLETS (Instagram: @jacquikcandles)
The aromatic beauty of herbs and flowers are captured in beautiful scented wax tablets made by hand from home in Cape Town. What started as a hobby for Jacqui in 2017 soon grew into a business venture.
All the wax tablets are individually hand decorated, made with natural soy wax, and infused with essential oils and fragrances, making them ideal for hanging in cupboards or left in small spaces to scent the air. They can be buried into drawers or linen cupboards, their scent gently diffusing over time. Aromatic scents include: rose and geranium; wild rose; pomegranate and bergamot with patchouli; spicy orange; fig; lavender, lemon & rosemary.